Landlord's Duty of Care

Landlord's Duty of Care

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By the end of this module you should understand the Landlord's general duty of care to visitors to commercial or retail premises. You will also look at when  pre-lease agreements become binding and the Building Standards relating to disabled access to commercial premises.

We examine recent commercial lease decisions concerning landlord's duty of care, particularly in relation to shopping centres and cases where the Court has examined pre-lease agreements. 

The purpose of this CPD training is to give you a better understanding of commercial leases and to ensure that you are up to date with recent decisions which clarify, interpret and sometimes expand definitions set out under the legislation.

This CPD unit is partially aligned to the following units from the CPP07 training package:

CPPDSM4050A Lease industrial, commercial and retail property

There is a combination of assessment tasks that require written responses and may include:-

  • short answer questions
  • and either 1 or 2 of the following:-
    • case study
    • written demonstration
    • workplace project

Assessment is competency based. Competency-based assessment is largely activity-based and practical. However, competence also implies that an individual demonstrates an understanding of the knowledge that is the basis of the practical task being carried out. 

On completion this course will provide you with 7 points for your Elective CPD (Compulsory Professional Development) - Learning Category One.

Each CPD activity satsfies the Department of Commerce requirements of minimum of 7 hours for course completion.

WA Department of Commerce CPD Approval Number TEAM19

Course Cost: $145.00

To start, click on the <Assessment Tasks> link, copy and paste the questions into a word processing document and complete your answers.

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